Lo Kee Photo

Born in 1989, Port-au-Prince, Haïti
Working in Paris


Born abroad, Lo Kee, following his parents, has very quickly been required to travel during his childhood. He then set permanently in Paris, where he falls in love with the city. Ignoring for years photography, prefering playing music to it, he gratuated with a master of Geography, at the Sorbonne University. Finally, he got his first camera at 25 years old, finding at the same time, the good support to give voice to his emotions .

Self-taught, always smiling, working on instinct, he draws his inspiration from his imagination and experiences, to deliver a very personal vision of the world that surrounds him. Largely inspired by the Gothic culture and romanticism, aesthetics of his work, because of the way he uses light and shadows, could be compared to Tenebrism in painting.

Curious, demanding, refusing to submit himself to an unique approach of photography, Lo Kee, does not hesitate to enrich his universe by exploring new techniques or new subjects. The purpose of his work is to offer to the viewer, an access to an alternative dimension, where we do not know too well, if the subject is shades or the quest for light.