Tenebrismis a universe produces from various urban works whose main theme is darkness.
Since I started in photography, contrasts games caught my eye. The dark side of my approach is even so far that it inspired even my name : Lo Kee, which reminds of "Low Key", a photographic style characterized by the importance given to black color.

And to give them a drama, I like to decorate my sceneries, with large flat areas of black. With that manner, I can illustrate my vision of a threatening world, unfathomable and ready to engulf us. Each picture is therefore an ambitious project where I try to mix poetically emotions and graphic beauty.

I also enjoy the panoramic compositions although they are often shunned in urban areas. I like to rely on the "voids" and how they affect the feeling of imbalance of my characters.

If I had to summarize in one sentence Urban chronicles of light and shadow ? I would say that it deals with the sense of existence on the fringe, the uncertainty, the constant search for balance.